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Read Rocketry Books and Articles Online [2019-09-30]
A number of books and magazine articles about rocketry are available to read online. [More ...]

September 2011 TTRA Launch Photos [2011-10-01]

View photographs from the September, 2011, TTRA rocket launch. [More ...]

NEFAR's May, 2011, Launch Photos [2011-07-29]

Photographs from the May, 2011, NEFAR launch are now online. [More ...]

May 2011 TTRA Launch Photos [2011-05-21]

Photographs from the May, 2011, Tripoli Tampa Rocket launch. [More ...]

ROCK, NEFAR, and TTRA Launch Photos [2011-04-05]

I've finally caught up and have posted my photos online from the recent ROCK, NEFAR, and TTRA launches. [More ...]

NEFAR's First Launch of 2011 [2011-01-12]

View photographs from NEFAR's first launch of 2011 (and its first launch in several months). [More ...]

Was rocket moments from striking Continental flight? [2010-11-09]

"Was rocket moments from striking Continental flight?" asks the headline of a July 3, 2008, article in the Houston Chronicle. And now, a "Mystery Missile" is spotted in California. [More ...]

PayloadBay.com Featured on Rocketry Planet [2010-09-03]

Rocketry Planet has published an article about PayloadBay.com. [More ...]

ROCK's April, 2010, Launch [2010-04-14]

Photographs from ROCK's April, 2010, launch in Oviedo, FL. [More ...]

ROCK's March, 2010, Launch [2010-03-09]

More like a lamb than a lion, March gave us nice weather for our monthly ROCK launch. [More ...]

ROCK's February, 2010, Launch [2010-03-01]

In spite of clouds and winds, ROCK's February launch was a success. [More ...]

ROCK's January, 2010, Launch [2010-01-21]

ROCK's first launch of 2010 was held on January 2 under bright blue skies. [More ...]

NEFAR's First Launch of 2010 [2010-01-21]

Cold weather greeted us as we gathered for NEFAR's first launch of 2010. [More ...]

Using the Casio EX-F1 to Photograph Rocket Launches [2009-12-22]

My experiences using the new Casio EX-F1 camera to photograph rocketry launches. [More ...]

NEFAR's 2009 Bunnell Blast [2009-11-20]

Bunnell Blast took to the skies on November 14 and 15th. [More ...]

JonRocket.com Offers Rare Vintage Rocket Kits [2009-11-18]

JonRocket.com is auctioning some rare, out-of-production rocket kits and other items on eBay. [More ...]

Bracha and Roger Smith Purchase JonRocket.com [2009-10-31]

Roger and Bracha Smith are the new owners of JonRocket.com. [More ...]

You Shouldn't Be a Rocketeer If ... [2009-05-20]

A list of humorous reasons for you not to be a rocketeer. [More ...]

You Might be a Rocketeer If .... [2009-05-19]

A list of humorous things people find themselves doing that label them a true rocketeer. [More ...]

ROCK's May, 2009, Launch [2009-05-03]

I was sidelined for the May launch, but did attend and took some photographs and video. [More ...]

Honoring Apollo - 1/10th Scale Saturn V Makes Successful Flight [2009-04-27]

Steve Eve's 1/10th scale Saturn V roared into the clear Maryland sky in front of 5000 spectators. [More ...]

TTRA's "March Madness" 2009 Launch [2009-03-26]

View photographs and videos from TTRA's March, 2009, launch. [More ...]

"Akavish" - the Spider Rocket [2009-03-25]

"Akavish" is a crowd pleaser every time we launch it. This article describes our "Spider" rocket. [More ...]

How I Became Interested in Rocketry [2009-03-23]

The story of how I became interested in Sport Rocketry. [More ...]

R.O.C.K.'s March, 2009, Launch [2009-03-15]

Photographs and videos of ROCK's March launch. [More ...]

Order Launch Magazine's New Book: History of Rockets & Model Rockets [2009-02-27]

Launch Magazine's new hardcover book covers the history of model rocketry. [More ...]

TTRA's January, 2009, Launch [2009-02-18]

Photographs and videos from the Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association's January, 2009, launch. [More ...]

NEFAR February, 2009, Launch Date Changed [2009-01-16]

The date for the February, 2009, NEFAR launch has been changed to February 7. [More ...]

NEFAR's Bunnell Blast 2008 [2008-11-11]

NEFAR's November launch was a two-day affair known as "Bunnell Blast." [More ...]

Upscale Cineroc/Omega [2008-10-29]

My current project is an upscale (approximately 2X) version of the Estes Omega rocket and its Cineroc payload. [More ...]

ROCK's October, 2008, Launch [2008-10-20]

Photos and a video of the October ROCK launch are now online. [More ...]

Support PayloadBay.com [2008-08-22]

Here's a list of ways you can help support PayloadBay.com. [More ...]

Building InFlight's Omega Clone [2008-08-08]

Join me as I build and fly a clone of Estes's Omega rocket. [More ...]

ROCK's August, 2008, Launch [2008-08-04]

Photographs and video of ROCK's August launch. [More ...]

Tikva: A New Hope [2008-07-24]

Building a two-camera mount and new booster for the Broken Arrow. [More ...]

NEFAR's July 2008 Launch [2008-07-21]

A little rain didn't stop us from flying rockets in July. [More ...]

ROCK's July, 2008, Launch [2008-07-16]

An enthusiastic group of kids from Great Oaks Village joined us for our July ROCK launch. [More ...]

Is APCP an Explosive? [2008-07-13]

The ATF has classified Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant (APCP), the propellant often used in hobby rockets, as an explosive. Is APCP really an explosive? [More ...]

ROCK's June, 2008, Launch [2008-06-30]

View photographs and video from ROCK's June launch. [More ...]

NEFAR's June 2008 Launch [2008-06-29]

View photographs from the June, 2008, Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry launch. [More ...]

NEFAR Featured on the Travel Channel [2008-06-19]

"Lawrence of America" visits a NEFAR launch for a Travel Channel TV show. [More ...]

Broken Arrow Build [2008-06-03]

Building a big fiberglass rocket. [More ...]

Making Parachutes [2008-05-17]

A review of articles you can find online that tell you how to make parachutes for your rockets. [More ...]

ROCK's May, 2008, Launch [2008-05-07]

May's ROCK launch featured a number of boost-gliders sailing through the sky. [More ...]

NEFAR's April 2008 Launch [2008-04-17]

Hybrids and saucers and several certification flights were highlights of April's NEFAR launch. [More ...]

2008 Florida Winternationals [2008-03-01]

More than two-dozen M motors, several N motors, and a P motor launched large rockets into the South Florida skies during the three days of the Florida Winternationals 2008. [More ...]

NEFAR's February 2008 Launch [2008-02-10]

NEFAR's February launch featured a scale Juno 1/Explorer 1 rocket flying on an M motor. [More ...]

ROCK's February, 2008, Launch [2008-02-10]

Great weather, exciting rocket flights, and the thrill of competition were on-hand at the February ROCK launch. [More ...]

R.O.C.K.'s January, 2008, Launch [2008-01-25]

A reporter and photographer from a local paper attended the January ROCK launch. [More ...]

"Heavy Metal Thunder" Build [2007-12-28]

Building a large rocket from scratch using concrete form tubes. [More ...]

Upscale Cineroc Summary - Rocket Video Camera [2007-12-12]

A summary of articles about the "Upscale Cineroc" video camera payload. [More ...]

New Toy - Belt Disc Sander [2007-11-14]

Facing the daunting task of sanding all eight fins of the "Heavy Metal Thunder" to the same size and shape, I decided I needed a disc sander. [More ...]

Upscale Cineroc Takes Flight [2007-10-24]

My upscale Cineroc payload made it's first flight at the September, 2006, NEFAR launch. [More ...]

How to Fit a 54mm Motor into a 38mm Motor Mount [2007-10-21]

The Big Daddy Akavish is upgraded to a 54mm motor. [More ...]

NEFAR's October 2007 Launch [2007-10-18]

A TV crew attended the October NEFAR launch. [More ...]

NEFAR's September 2007 Launch [2007-10-07]

Dark clouds hung over the launch site but it didn't dampen our spirits. [More ...]

R.O.C.K.'s September, 2007, Launch [2007-09-02]

We had a good crowd on hand for ROCK's September launch. [More ...]

NEFAR's August 2007 Launch [2007-08-12]

"Hot, Hot, Hot" describes the weather for NEFAR's August, 2007, launch. We braved 90+ degrees to fly our rockets. [More ...]

R.O.C.K.'s August, 2007, Launch [2007-08-05]

We welcomed several "new faces" at the August, 2007, ROCK launch. [More ...]

NEFAR's July 2007 Launch [2007-07-14]

A thunderstorm interrupted the July, 2007, NEFAR launch. [More ...]

R.O.C.K.'s July Launch [2007-07-07]

ROCK members braved the heat to attend the July launch. [More ...]

Building the Hawks Hobby Super Mark [2007-07-06]

Photographs and descriptions of the construction of Hawks Hobby's upscale version of the Astron Mark. [More ...]

NEFAR's June 2007 Launch [2007-06-23]

NEFAR's June launch featured a large flying spider. [More ...]

R.O.C.K.'s April 2007 Launch [2007-06-12]

R.O.C.K.'s April launch was full of excitement - both good and bad - with three TARC teams trying to qualify for the national finals. [More ...]

Debut of the "Big Daddy" Akavish [2007-06-10]

Our upscale Akavish made its first flight at the June NEFAR launch. [More ...]

NEFAR's March 2007 Launch [2007-04-27]

Photographs and notes on NEFAR's March, 2007, launch. [More ...]

ROCK's March Launch [2007-03-13]

View photographs from ROCK's March, 2007, launch. [More ...]

Payload Bay T-Shirts [2007-03-07]

Support PayloadBay.com by purchasing and wearing one of our T-shirts. [More ...]

Building a 1/48 Scale Saturn V [2007-02-26]

Roger describes the construction of a 1/48 scale Saturn V rocket - over eight inches in diameter and seven feet in height. [More ...]

Upscale Omega Flies [2007-02-20]

My Upscale Omega made it's first flight at the February NEFAR launch. [More ...]

NEFAR's February 2007 Launch [2007-02-10]

An article about the February NEFAR rocket launch. [More ...]

Winternationals 2007 - Day 0 [2007-02-05]

Roger describes his trip to the 2007 Florida WinterNationals hosted by Florida Spacemodeling Association/Tripoli West Palm. [More ...]

Winternationals 2007 - Day 2 [2007-01-29]

Day 2 of the WinterNationals was disappointing because of high winds which limited the number of launches. [More ...]

Winternationals 2007 - Day 1 [2007-01-29]

Roger's WinterNationals 2007 Trip Report for Saturday. [More ...]

ROCK's January 2007 Launch [2007-01-25]

Under cloudy skies, ROCK held its monthly launch. [More ...]

NEFAR's January 2007 Launch [2007-01-15]

View photographs from NEFAR's January, 13, 2007, launch. [More ...]

From the Ashes: A Shadow Reborn [2007-01-01]

Rebuilding my Estes Shadow clone after it was damaged by a bad motor. [More ...]

Bunnell Blast 2006 [2006-12-14]

NEFAR's Bunnell Blast 2006 featured beautiful weather and several M-motor launches. [More ...]

ROCK's December 2006 Launch [2006-12-03]

"Gliders and Helicopters" was the theme of December's launch. [More ...]

Tools and Tips [2006-11-08]

An article about rocketry-related tools and some tips for building and flying your rockets. [More ...]

R.O.C.K. - Rocketry of Orlando's Community Kids [2006-11-05]

I've put photographs from the November 4, 2006, R.O.C.K. launch in the Gallery. [More ...]

Adding Dual Deployment [2006-10-04]

I'm adding an electronics bay and altimeter to my EZI-65 rocket to support dual deployment. [More ...]

Building the "Jolly Roger" Pirate Rocket [2006-09-18]

Follow the progress as we build a unique pirate-themed rocket. [More ...]

Riding Rockets [2006-09-01]

I just finished reading Riding Rockets: The Outrageous Tales of a Space Shuttle Astronaut by Mike Mullane. Mullane's book is an entertaining and informative account of his years as a Space Shuttle astronaut. [More ...]

Model Rocket Building Spree [2006-08-30]

Bracha and I built several model rockets during the last weekend of August. [More ...]

Rocketry Magazines [2006-07-22]

There are four sport rocketry magazines currently being published in the US. [More ...]

Level 1 Certification [2006-06-30]

I successfully completed my Level 1 Certification last weekend with the first launch of my EZI-65 on an H128W motor. [More ...]

The last three Apollo moon missions carried a Lunar Roving Vehicle (lunar rover).

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