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New Toy - Belt Disc Sander

I just ordered a new toy ... err ... tool for my workshop. I ordered a "Hitachi SB10Y 4 x 8 inch Belt Disc Sander with Dust Collection" from Amazon.com. Over the weekend I cut out eight fins for my "Heavy Metal Thunder" rocket. Facing the challenge of sanding all the fins to the same size and shape, I decided I needed a belt/disc sander.

Harbor Freight had a couple of belt/disc sanders, but they looked really cheaply made. At $70 to $90 they weren't priced low enough for me to consider.

The local "home improvement" store had a nice Hitachi sander for about $150. But I found a slightly better model at Amazon.com for $100 ($150 less $50 for using a coupon) with free shipping. You can order the sander from Amazon.com. Unfortunately, the coupon offer has expired.

[Posted: 2007-10-29 | Updated: 2007-11-14]

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