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NEFAR's September 2007 Launch

Dark clouds and an occassional sprinkle of rain didn't dampen our spirits at the September, 2007, NEFAR rocket launch.

Jim Harris was on-hand with a selection of his Gorilla Motors.

Gorilla Motors

Dr. Sue displayed a portion of her rocket collection.

Dr. Sue's Rockets

Sue flew her 3.5x upscale Colonial Viper on an Aerotech I161 motor.

Colonial Viper Launch

Robb Haskins flew his Big Blue on a K570 motor.

2007-09-08 NEFAR 199.jpg

I flew my "Mustang Sally" (EZI-65) on an I266 Redline motor. The rocket carried a video camera as payload.

Roger Smith's "Mustang Sally"

As you can see in the video, it began raining while the rocket sat on the launch pad. And the rocket rolled rapidly during the short period that the rocket motor was burning.


In this still frame from the video, you can see the rocket's smoke trail.

2007-09-09 PICT0002_0005

After ejection, you can see that the rocket is a little higher than a few small clouds.

2007-09-09 PICT0002_0011

On the way down, you can hear (and almost see) another rocket being launched.

2007-09-09 PICT0002_0015

Also on the way down, you can see the NEFAR crowd lined up along the road.

2007-09-09 PICT0002_0017

Steve Pollak's Talon 4 unfortunately suffered a CATO.

Steve Pollak's Talon 4

We were treated to another K1000 launch.

2007-09-08 NEFAR 422.jpg

My Talon 2 suffered from a CATO.

Roger's Talon 2

A hole formed in the side of the motor.

2007-09-08 NEFAR 647.jpg

Jimmy Yawn also launched a sparky motor.

2007-09-08 NEFAR 571.jpg

Additional photographs from the September launch are in the PayloadBay Gallery.

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