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NEFAR's Bunnell Blast 2008

I was only able to attend the first day of NEFAR's two-day "Bunnell Blast." But, it was one terrific day for flying rockets.

I thought I'd arrived early, but when I got to the site, a row of tents was already in place.


Several vendors were on-site including AMW, Wildman Rocketry, Gorrilla Motors, and RocketryZone.com.

Rocketry Zone's Tent

The morning began with just a few clouds in the bright blue sky. It was cool with just a gentle breeze.

Low-Power Liftoff

Low-power birds took to the air first.

Gemini in Flight

During this launch, NEFAR began recording altitude records. Brian Coyle placed his name in the record book by making the first A-motor altitude record attempt.

Brian's A-motor Altitude Record Attempt

Marc Slabbinck flew his large saucer several times.

Marc Slabbinck's Saucer

Darrell Mobley launched his Giant Leap Crossbow on a sparky motor.

Darrell Mobley's Crossbow

Darrell also brought his collection of Honest John scale models.

Darrell Mobley's Honest John Collection

Coincidentally, at the raffle, I won an Honest John kit.


Quite a few sparky motors were launched throughout the day.

NEFAR's November, 2008, Launch

A monocopter gave a dramatic, if not very high, flight.

NEFAR November, 2008, Launch

We had a few large birds fy from the away cell pads.

NEFAR November, 2008, Launch

One of the large birds was Robb Haskins's "Mongolian Cluster Thrust" which turned in one of the most impressive flights of the day. it roared skyward on four CTI motors.

NEFAR November, 2008, Launch

As the sun began to set, more sparkies came out to fly.

NEFAR November, 2008, Launch

As darkness approached, even an Estes motor took on a sparky flair.

NEFAR November, 2008, Launch

Marc Slabbinck made sure his sparky saucer flight was the last flight of the day.

NEFAR November, 2008, Launch

It provided a spectular end to a wonderful day.

NEFAR November, 2008, Launch

Additional photographs from the first day of Bunnell Blast are in the PayloadBay.com Gallery.

[Posted: 2008-11-10 | Updated: 2008-11-11]

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