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Apollo 12

Apollo 12 was the second mission to the moon in which humans walked on the lunar surface. The mission began with the launch on November 14, 1969, at 11:22:00 a.m. EST.

The Lunar Module (LM) landed on the moon's surface on November 19, 1969. Commander Charles "Pete" Conrad and LM Pilot Alan L. Bean explored the Oceanus Procellarum (Ocean of Storms) while the CM pilot Richard F. Gordon continued in lunar orbit in the Command Module.

During their stay on the Moon, the astronauts set up scientific experiments, took photographs, examined the nearby Surveyor 3 spacecraft which had landed on the moon 2 1/2 years earlier and removed pieces for later examination on Earth, and collected lunar samples on two moonwalk EVA's. The LM took off from the Moon on November 20 and the astronauts returned to Earth on November 24.


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