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Rocketry Videos / Rockets Gone Wild

A collection of videos documenting unusual rocket flights.

    Odd'l Rockets PIPELINE Model Rocket
    The PIPELINE is a unique rocket featuring canted tube fins. Play this video using your...
    Odd'l Rockets Sputnik
    The Odd'l Rockets Sputnik stands a staggering 12 inches tall. Propelled by 2.5 Newton-seconds of...
    2008-06-14 NEFAR Launch - Big Daddy Akavish CATO
    The Big Daddy Akavish suffers a CATO at the June, 2008, NEFAR launch. View this video using yoru...
    Christmas Tree Rocket
    Oh, Rocket-tree - Oh, Rocket-tree, How lovely is thy smoke trail, Oh, Rocket-tree - Oh,...
    Evil Bert Drag Race
    The Vatsaas brothers (Brad, Rick and Mark) built five rockets from puppets of Sesame Street's Bert....
    Kevin Mitchell's V-2 CATO (ESL 78 - November 2004)
    An N4500 motor fails destroying Kevin Mitchell's large V-2 rocket at the ESL 78 launch.
    Mars Lander Landing
    I hade a little fun with a video of Steve Pollak's Upscale Mars Lander. Watch the video using...
    Motor Failure in Flight
    A high-power rocket suffers a motor failure while in flight.
    Radio-Controlled B-29 with X-1 Rocket
    A large radio-controlled model of a B-29 bomber drops a rocket-powered X1 model.
    Robert Utley's "Sky in My Eye" CATO
    Robert Utley's 14-foot-tall "Sky in My Eye" camera-equipped rocket suffers a disaster at ignition...
    Rockets Gone Wild (Volume 1)
    A collection of humorous rocket flights from Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry launches.
    Scale MX Missile Launched from a Radio-Control Tonka Truck
    This video shows a scale model of a MX missle launched from a yellow radio-controlled Tonka Truck.
    Sugar-Motor Drag Race CATO
    Jimmy Yawn and Marc Slabbinck drag race two sugar-motor rockets ("Barbie" and "Teresa") at the...

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