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Upscale Cineroc Summary - Rocket Video Camera

My "Upscale Cineroc" is a nosecone/payload section which was custom built to carry a small video camera.

The Upscale Cineroc is a based on the Cineroc movie camera payload Estes produced in the early 1970s. The original Cineroc weighed just a few ounces and produced about 20 seconds of 8mm film.

The Upscale Cineroc weighs about a pound and carries a Polaroid Studio 4 video camera. Construction of the Upscale Cineroc is described in the Upscale Cineroc/Omega article.

I designed the Upscale Cineroc to fly on both my 4" diameter EZI-65 rocket (named "Mustang Sally") and an upscale of the Omega I build especially to carry the Cineroc. The Cineroc's first flight was on top of "Mustang Sally." A detailed description of the flight is in the Upscale Cineroc Takes Flight article.

I accidently turned the camera off while installing it in the rocket so no video was made during the first flight. But the video from the second flight using an H motor turned out well. Click the thumbnail below to view the video.

Cineroc Video

A month later I launched the rocket and camera on an I motor. The flight was perfect and the video is spectacular. Click the thumbnail below to watch the video.

Onboard Video

In March of 2007, I launched the Upscale Cineroc on top of the Omega clone I built to carry it.

I flew the rocket on an H268 motor.

Click the icon below to view the video from onboard the rocket.

In September, 2007, I launched the Cineroc on top of "Mustang Sally." Dark clouds had moved into the area and a light rain had started to fall as the rocket was launched on an I motor.

The rocket flew to about 2000' and landed in a field across the road from our launch site. Click the thumbnail below to view the video.


Additional information on this flight is in the NEFAR's September 2007 Launch article.

In January of 2008, I plan to launch the Mustang Sally with the Cineroc on a J motor. It should reach about 3000' in altitude.

[Posted: 2007-10-24 | Updated: 2007-12-12]

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