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Apollo-Saturn 202

The Apollo-Saturn 202 (AS-202) mission was an unmanned suborbital flight to test the Saturn 1B launch vehicle and the Apollo Command Module and Service Module.

AS-202 was launched on August 25, 1966, from Complex 34 Eastern Test Range, Cape Canaveral.

The objectives of the unmanned Apollo test flight were to

  1. Demonstrate structural integrity and compatibility of the launch vehicle and to confirm launch loads.
  2. Demonstrate separation of first and second stages of Saturn, LES and boost protective cover from CSM; CSM from instrument unit/spacecraft/lunar module (LM) adapter; and CM from SM.
  3. Verify operations of Saturn propulsion, guidance and control, and electrical subsystems.
  4. Verify operation of spacecraft subsystems and adequacy of heatshield for reentry from low earth orbit.
  5. Evaluate emergency detection system in open-loop configuration.
  6. Evaluate heatshield ablator at high reentry rates.
  7. Demonstrate operation of mission support facilities.
All objectives were achieved during the 33 minute, 28 second, flight.

The launch of Apollo-Saturn 202 (AS-202) on August 25, 1966.


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