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Akavish ("Spider") is a non-traditional rocket built by Roger Smith and his wife, Bracha Smith.

The Akavish began life as a motor tube stuck in a styrofoam ball with dowels for legs. This early prototype proved to not be very durable.

Akavish Protoype
Akavish Prototype

The current Akavish was built more like a typical rocket with a body tube to which the motor mount and fins (actually the spider's legs) attach. A large styrofoam ball was cut and fitted over the body tube as the spider's head.

Akavish in Flight
Akavish in Flight

The Akavish has been launched many times and is always a crowd pleaser. Our favorite motor to use is the Aerotech G38FJ which lifts the spider rocket to a few hundred feet on a tower of thick, dark smoke.



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