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You Shouldn't Be a Rocketeer If ...

... you ever tried to launch a Cesaroni reload without the case (after you had already made that mistake before)

... you let your wife use the 50% coupon even though Michael's had several Blast Off Flight Packs in stock

... you've never put too large of a motor in too small of a rocket

... the phrase "Big Daddy" makes you think Adam Sandler

... you think safety fuse explodes when lit

... The only CATO you've seen was in a Pink Panther movie (Contributed by Dave Combs)

... you think a soccer field is for playing soccer (Contributed by Bob Cox)

.......you think NASA is a city in the Bahammas (Contributed by Carl Campbell)

[Posted: 2009-05-20 | Updated: 2009-05-20]

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