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You Might be a Rocketeer If ....

You Might Be a Rocketeer If ...

... You have listened to a bird that is singing "chirp ... chirp, chirp, chirp ... chirp, chirp ..." and counted the chirps to determine the bird's altitude.

... You've ever looked at the jumble of letters and numbers on a license plate and thought "that would be a cool motor."

... You have rocket motor casings soaking in your kitchen sink and hardened globs of epoxy on your sofa.

... You've flown too large of a motor in too small of a rocket.

... You've spent many hours of your limited free time to recover a $4 model rocket from a tree.

... You've looked at a lampshade and thought "that would make a good nosecone."

... You've ever corrected someone for saying "Newtons" instead of "Newton-Seconds."

... Every time you see something that is long and thin, you think "I could make that fly."

... You have more pictures of your rockets in your wallet than pictures of your family.

... You have a long list of names chosen for future rockets you hope to have time to build.

... You have already built a number of rockets for which you haven't thought of names.

... You've debated someone about whether it is a "rocket motor" or a "rocket engine."

... You are convinced that saying "rocket motor" is correct.

... You are convinced that saying "rocket engine" is correct.

... You spent more on rockets than food last month.

... You drive a mini-van but don't have any kids.

... Fred Shecter has lectured you on semantics.

... You've given someone a rocket kit as a gift only because you were sure that you would get to build it yourself.

... You drive 70 miles (one-way) on a Saturday to launch a rocket 1500 feet into the air.

... Despite having no music talent, you've decided that it would be cool to form a rock band and call it "Total Impulse."

... You've heard the story of the ATF torching a rental van.

[Posted: 2009-04-03 | Updated: 2009-05-19]

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