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Winternationals 2007 - Day 2

Sunday at the WinterNationals launch was a little disappointing. A front moved through and the wind speed was too high. Some brave souls did launch and a few had to go a long way to retrieve their rockets.

The big news of the day was, of course, that my lovely wife, Bracha, won the grand prize in the raffle - a choice of a kit from Sheri's Hot Rockets! I explained to Bracha who Sheri is and she agreed to let me choose the rocket (the 1/48th scale Saturn V!). I also had to explain to my wife that all the photos from Sheri's web site that are on my notebook computer are there because the rockets are so interesting to me. That's the only reason. Really.

The only flight I attempted in the windy conditions was my Talon 2. I tried to fly it on an F20. I don't think the motor had enough "oomph" to overcome the wind. The rocket went almost horizontal after clearing the launch rod. It came down hard and broke the body tube just above the upper center ring. I've ordered a length of body tube and a couple of couplers from Giant Leap to repair it.

After the launch we went back to the Southern Palm bed and breakfast where we are staying and were invited to dinner by the people who run the place. We had a wonderful evening which ran late and caused my to, once again, not have time to upload the WinterNational pictures to the web site. Sorry. I'll definitely get it done soon.

Monday, January 29, 2007 - I finally got around to uploading the photographs to the WinterNationals Photo Gallery.

[Posted: 2007-01-29 | Updated: 2007-01-29]

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