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Winternationals 2007 - Day 0

Friday, January 26, 2007 - we left Oviedo a little after 9:00 am and arrived at the launch site a little after 1:00 pm. My first impression was "wow" - the launch site is huge.

We met several people including people I had previously "met" only online. We set up our tent next to Brian Coyle's then had to head to check into the bed and breakfast where we are staying.

I'm sure we'll enjoy our stay at the Southern Palm bed and breakfast. We were greeted by two cats then two dogs as we came in. Then we were shown to our room (by a person, of course). The room features a four-poster bed and traditional decor.

After getting settled in at the B&B we drove over to Tree's Wings and Ribs near the Royal Inn where most of the rocketry crowd is staying. We met Rick Boyette and others who will attend tomorrow's launch. One couple is here from Pennsylvania!

Tomorrow morning the launch starts at 10. We'll head to the field about 9:00 am.

Additional photographs are in the WinterNational 2007 Photos gallery.

[Posted: 2007-01-26 | Updated: 2007-02-05]

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