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Upscale Cineroc Takes Flight

At the September, 2006, Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry launch, I made two test flights of my upscale Cineroc payload with its video camera.

Cineroc on the EZI-65

I'm building an upscale Omega rocket to carry the upscale Cineroc. But it won't be ready for a while. So I mounted a 4" coupler on the Cineroc in place of the 4" to 3" transition. I designed it so that it is easy to switch between the coupler and transition.

I replaced the payload section of my "Mustang Sally" (EZI-65) rocket with the Cineroc and launch it twice on H165-R motors. Both flights were picture perfect, but I accidently turned the camera off while installing it for the first flight. So I only have video of the second flight.

I'm very pleased with the video. The picture and sound quality are good. Click the thumbnail below to view the video.

Cineroc Video


I launched the Cineroc on my EZI-65 rocket. It replaced the payload section. I used an Aerotech Redline H165 motor. You can see the bright red flame it produces in the photo below.


The camera looks down the side of the rocket. Here's the camera's view of the lift-off:



The parachute is attached to the top of the Cineroc so that the camera points down as the rocket descends.


As the parachute deployed, the camera caught a nice picture of the horizon.


Here's a view of the people watching the launch:


Occasionally, the bottom of the rocket comes into view. In the photo below, you can also see a shadow of the rocket.

This last photo is the view just after the rocket landed in the grass.

Additional photos of the launch are in the gallery in the NEFAR Rocket Launch (2006-09-09) album. The video and additional still frames are in the First Test Flight album.

Update: At Bunnell Blast 2006, I launched my "Mustang Sally" (EZI-65) on an I200W motor with the "Upscale Cineroc" payload and video camera.

Self-Portrait with Mustang Sally

The flight was perfect and the video is spectacular. Click the thumbnail below to watch the video.

Onboard Video

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[Posted: 2006-09-09 | Updated: 2007-10-24]

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