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Space View Park

Space View Park in Titusville, Florida, is an excellent spot to view Space Shuttle and Constellation launches.

Located directly across the river from Launch Complex 39, Space View Park is less than 15 miles from the launch pads.

On launch day, the park will be filled with spectators, food vendors, and people selling souvenirs. Audio from NASA is played through loudspeakers. Parking is limited at the park itself, but some parking is available in cleared fields near the park and the businesses in the area seem to be friendly to launch-day visitors.

Space View Park is located at 8 Broad Street in Titusville, FL.

Large crowds usually fill Space View Park on launch day. So, either arrive very early - hours before the launch - and bring chairs and a cooler. Enjoy the party atmosphere with others as you wait for the launch. Or, arrive just before the launch. You'll probably end up parking a block or two from the park. Most of the area businesses are "launch day friendly" when it comes to people parking in their lots. Walk to the park and watch the lift-off. Just after the shuttle launches, walk back to your car. You'll bypass most of the traffic jam by leaving a little earlier than most of the crowd and because you parked farther away.

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