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ROCK's May, 2009, Launch

I was recovering from foot surgery, but I watched the May R.O.C.K. launch from the sidelines.

The bright blue sky provided a beautiful backdrop for the white smoke from the rockets. The light breeze helped us feel cooler, but made for some long walks to recover rockets.

A number of impressive scale models were flown. Ryan's Space Shuttle made a nice flight.

Ryan also flew his Atlas 5.

Carl's Delta IV made another amazing flight.

I managed to capture a series of still images that capture the flight from the Delta IV's lift-off through staging.

Ryan's Gemini Titan flew on a two-motor cluster.

Carl's Saturn V looked good both before its flight, and, in spite of an interesting flight profile, after.

Additional photos from the launch can be viewed in the Payload Bay Gallery.

[Posted: 2009-05-03 | Updated: 2009-05-03]

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