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ROCK's March Launch

Photographs of R.O.C.K.'s March, 2007, launch are now in the PayloadBay Gallery at http://www.payloadbay.com/gallery/v/rock/2007-03-03/.

ROCK's March launch was held under threatening clouds. But the overcast skies failed to dampen our enthusiasm.

Astronaut Robb Helps Out the Kids

In addition to owning a snazzy blue astronaut outfit, Robb Haskins mentors a TARC team from Howard Middle School.

This year's TARC challenge is to design and build a model rocket that carries a single Grade A Large egg for a precise flight duration of 45 seconds and to an altitude of exactly 850 feet (as measured by an onboard altimeter). Of course, the egg must be returned to earth uncracked.

The first test flight of the egg lofting rocket resulted in everyone asking "did anyone bring the bacon?" But later flights were more successful.

Bracha and I launched our newer Akavish (the one with the colorful eyebrows) on a G54 motor.

New Akavish In Flight

The Akavish turned in an excellent flight with the parachute deploying just after apogee.

Jack Teaches Robb How to Use the Launch Controller

[Posted: 2007-03-13 | Updated: 2007-03-13]

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