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ROCK's March, 2010, Launch

In like a lion ....

Actually, March came in more like a lamb and we enjoyed the cool, clear day with light winds.

The day begain with very little wind which was a nice change from the previous month.

The wind picked up a bit, but not enough to stop us from flying.

Chris flew his Wedgie several times.

I finally got a nice flight from my Trilogy cluster-powered rocket (even though it found a tree to land in).

Bracha and I launched our Akavish on an Aerotech G35-4W motor.

The spider-themed rocket made one of its best flights, rising straight into the blue sky.

Carl's Delta IV Medium made an impressive flight on a cluster with one E9-4 motor in the center and four B6-0s in the SRMS.

The SRMs popped off about 100 feet up and landed near the LCO table.

Mike Hellmund flew a classic Centuri Nike Smoke which landed gently on the roof of our tent.

Chris flew his Dr. Zooch Atlas-Agena.

We only had a moderate turnout for the launch, but it was nice to see several younger kids getting really involved in launching rockets.

More photos from the March launch are in the PayloadBay Gallery.

[Posted: 2010-03-08 | Updated: 2010-03-09]

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