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R.O.C.K.'s July Launch

Summer heat didn't stop the members of R.O.C.K. from flying rockets in July.

Carl Campbell flew his scale Mercury-Redstone.

The Mercury-Redstone is recovered in two pieces. The booster section drifted into a telephone wire and appeared to get stuck, but was knocked loose by the capsule section a few seconds later. Both sections floated gently, and safely, to the ground.

The launch was well-attended with many regulars, some we hadn't seen in a while, and a few "first-timers."

One of the more unusual rockets was the A.C.M.E. Spitfire.

Another odd-ball was the "Eye-Rock."

I launched my new Q-EZ glider a few times. The first time the shock cord wrapped around the glider and the pod and glider came down together.

The next two flights were better. During the second flight the glider made a few large, slow, circles on the way down.

I also launched another new rocket - the Super Mark.

I launched the Super Mark on a C11 motor. It turned in a nice flight.

I also debuted my new Fat Boy flying on a B6-2.

Brian Coyle impressed us with his launch of a Micro Maxx-powered scale Terrier-Orion.

Chris launched a number of his amazing large model rockets, some using clusters of E motors.

Additional photographs are in the July 2007 ROCK Launch Gallery.

[Posted: 2007-07-07 | Updated: 2007-07-07]

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