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ROCK's July, 2008, Launch

(Thursday) Here's Why I Did Not Go To Work Today ...

Thursday's such a crazy, lazy day...

ROCK's July launch was held on a Thursday. ROCK's regular first-Saturday-of-the-month launch was changed to Thursday because of the conflict with the Fourth of July weekend and to support Great Oaks Village (GOV).

The kids from GOV brought an assortment of rockets they had built. We also had a few of our regulars enjoying a "lazy, crazy" Thursday away from work.

I brought my Inflight Rockets clone of the Estes Omega and flew it on a D12-0 staged to a D12-7 motor. It flew very high and drifted across the highway. After a long trek, it was recovered from a tree with the help of one of the GOV kids and a very long pole.

The temperature was more than 90o and there was no breeze. So, while we sweated a lot, it was a great day for flying rockets.

Maybe the heat got to us, because a large number of "OddRocs" flew. We had a drag race between Brian's scale "Saturn" and a couple of little saucers.

Then we saw, or at least think we saw (it could have just been a result of too much sun and hunger pains), a flying hot dog.

Just as the GOV kids were leaving, Roger and Bracha's Akavish soared skyward on a G motor.

After having some problems getting just one motor in his Rubicon to light, Carl decided to launch his scale Delta using three motors.

The flight was perfect with the boosters dropping off and all three sections returning under parachute.

Additional photographs from the launch are in the gallery at:


Videos are coming soon .....

[Posted: 2008-07-16 | Updated: 2008-07-16]

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