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R.O.C.K.'s January, 2008, Launch

Turn-out was low for the January launch, but we did welcome two special guests. A reporter and photographer from the Seminole Chronicle attended the launch. A two-page article about the launch appeared in the January 10 edition of the paper.

The launch began with our Akavish on a G38 motor.

Marc Doolittle flew the tallest rocket, an Estes Mean Machine.

The newspaper photograph got a close-up view of an Estes Eagle boost glider.

Chris Heffron's "Invisible Rocket" unfortunately became the "Invisible Tree-Dwelling Rocket."

The reporter and photographer from the local paper stayed with us through the whole launch.

More photographs from the launch are in the Payload Bay Gallery.

[Posted: 2008-01-24 | Updated: 2008-01-25]

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