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ROCK's February, 2010, Launch

Dark clouds blew above us as we set up for the February ROCK launch.

The photos make the clouds look more menacing than they looked to us. It was the wind that caused us concern.

In spite of the wind, I don't think any rockets were lost in the nearby trees - though some required a long stick in order to be recovered.

I brought a new rocket, my Trilogy.

Trilogy's first launch started badly with the rocket getting stuck on the launch rod.

Although all three B6-4 motors lit, the rocket only went about 50 feet up.

The most unique rocket of the day was Russ's "Sliding Angular Wing" boost glider.

The rocket features a forward wing that slid into place at apogee.

The flight was perfect and although the rocket ended up in a tree, it was recovered.

While a few rockets, including Russ's, were recovered from trees, we took a break waiting for the wind to die down.

The wind blew over my Trilogy while we waited.

Finally, Chris got the chance to fly his Pipeline which turned in a couple of perfect flights.

My Trilogy, however ....

On its second flight, only two of the three motors lit and the rocket carried the launch controller leads with it.

Tom's scale AMRAAM braved the gusty winds to turn in a picture-perfect flight.

More photos from the February launch are in the Payload Bay Gallery.

[Posted: 2010-02-06 | Updated: 2010-03-01]

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