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ROCK's December 2006 Launch

The theme for December's Rocketry of Orlando's Community Kids launch was "Gliders and Helicopters." In line with the theme, I flew three gliders. First up was my Silver Hawk. Although I trimmed it as instructed, it dived instead of gliding. The second time I launched it, the glider and booster got tangled together and it rotated in as if it used helicopter recovery.

Next, I launched my ARV Condor on an A8-3. I was very pleased with the flight of the booster and the two gliders.

I also launched my Astrobee D a couple of times on an F20-4 motor.

Kyle and Amanda each launched Rotorocs which use helicopter recovery.

Marc came with his father to watch the launch. Bracha and I gave him his own rocket so he could join in the fun.

Tom flew his Space Shuttle which few nice again.

The orbiter from Tom's shuttle looks like the real thing in the photographs I took.

Tom also flew his "Split Glider." Each flight was impressive.

Dan flew his "Meltdown" a couple of times on F motors.

The last flight of the day was a Big Daddy. Using a remote shutter release, I caught the following close-up photos.

Additional photographs are in the Gallery at:


[Posted: 2006-12-03 | Updated: 2006-12-03]

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