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R.O.C.K.'s April 2007 Launch

Three groups of kids were on-hand at the April R.O.C.K. launch to try to qualify to go to the national finals of the 2007 Team America Rocketry Challenge.

The morning was windy, but after a short while the wind settled down and it turned out to be a nice, cool, day for rocketry.

"Odd-Rocs" was this month's theme so we filled the sky with saucers and other unusual rockets.

Winston, Kyle, and Amanda flew their "Egg and Three Spoons" creations.

Winston's "Decaffeinator" was another great Odd-Roc.

Brian contributed to the Odd-Roc theme with his rocket crafted from Minute Maid orange juice bottles.

Brian also debuted his "Mini-Me" version of our Akavish.

In spite of some problems with motors, the TARC teams did produce some spectacular flights.

An unintended theme for the day was "CATO" with several rockets being damaged.

This rocket's motor mount failed and the motor flew up inside the rocket.

Here's what happens to a Deuces Wild when only one motor ignites:

Additional photographs from the April launch are in the PayloadBay Gallery: R.O.C.K. Rocket Launch (2007-04-07) .

[Posted: 2007-04-10 | Updated: 2007-06-12]

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