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Pegasus 1

The last three of the unmanned Saturn 1 launches carried a Pegasus satellite enclosed within a boilerplate Apollo Command and Service Module (CSM).

The mission of Pegasus satellites was to determine the incidence and severity of meteoroids in the region where Apollo astronauts would orbit the earth.

In its stored position with panels folded inside the Apollo Service Module (SM), the spacecraft was 5.3-m high, 2.1-m wide, and 28-cm deep. It was divided into two major parts, the center section and the wing assemblies. The satellite's framework was made of riveted aluminum alloy extrusions. The central section was attached to the launch vehicle's second stage. It provided a mounting for the deployment mechanism, electronics cannister, solar power panels, and sensors. The spacecraft was equipped with wing-like appendages that extended to form a plane 29.3-m long by 4.3-m wide. These wings carried sensitive penetration surfaces for the experiments. Total weight in orbit was 10,500 kg.


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