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NEFAR's March 2007 Launch

Despite a forecast for clouds, the March Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry launch started under blue skies.

I flew my "Upscale Omega" with it's "Cineroc" video payload. This was the first time the rocket had flown with the Cineroc.

I flew the rocket on an Aerotech H268 "Redline" motor. The flight was nice and the new Rocket Rage parachute attracted a lot of attention.

Click the icon below to view the video from onboard the rocket.

Brian Coyle launched his 4" THOR on an SRS J144 Hybrid motor.

We held a drag race between our two Akavish rockets - Mr. & Mrs. Akavish.

The old Akavish jumped out to a huge lead on a G38 motor. Then the second Akavish finally took off on its G64 reload. But shortly into its flight, the motor began buring through the wrong end.

As the second Akavish rose into the air with the top of its head on fire, the first fell back to earth.

The aftermath isn't pretty ....

But don't worry. We'll repair her and she'll fly again.

Additional photographs from the March 10, 2007, launch are in the gallery at:


[Posted: 2007-03-14 | Updated: 2007-04-27]

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