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NEFAR's June 2008 Launch

Calm winds made for a good day for launching rockets during NEFAR's June launch.

A couple of Thors were launched - one from the high-power pads and one from the low-power pads.

The high-power one was launched first.

Steve Pollak flew is upscale Mars Lander.

Bracha and I weren't planning to fly anything, but, on impulse, we bought a motor from an on-site vendor for our Big Daddy Akavish.

3 .. 2 .. 1 ...

BOOM! The motor CATOed.

The motor shot through the motor mount and partially through the top of the spider's head. [View Video]

Paul Robinson of Animal Motor Works took a look at the remains of the motor (it wasn't one of his, by the way) and thinks that the reload kit might have been dropped or crushed before I bought it - causing one or more of the grains to crack.

Carl Campbell's flight a minute later was much more successful.

More spectacular flights followed including a Nike Smoke on a "sparky" motor.

Additional photographs of the June launch taken by Bracha Smith and Roger Smith are available for viewing in the Payload Bay Gallery.

High-Speed Videos of the June 2008 NEFAR Launch

[Posted: 2008-06-20 | Updated: 2008-06-29]

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