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NEFAR's June 2007 Launch

Bracha and I debuted our "Big Daddy Akavish" at the June NEFAR launch. An upscale of our earlier Akavish rockets, "Big Daddy" flew on an I154J motor.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the release of Star Wars, I launched my NCR X-Wing Fighter on an Aerotech G77 Redline motor.

Our final launch of the day was our smaller Akavish on a long-burning G motor. The flight was nice, but the rocket arced into the wind and the motor's delay was too long. The Akavish reached the ground before the ejection charge fired. But, as we've learned, Akavishes bounce.

The day was filled with a number of exciting launches.

One of the more interesting flights had Piglet taking a wild ride.

Teams of college students were on hand to launch small hybrid rockets.

Teams from UCF, Embry-Riddle, and FIT competed in the "Hybrid Motor High Powered Rocket Competition" sponsored by NEFAR and the Florida Space Grant Consortium.

Additional photographs from the June launch are in the NEFAR June Launch gallery.

[Posted: 2007-06-12 | Updated: 2007-06-23]

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