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NEFAR's July 2007 Launch

NEFAR's July launch was cut short by a vigorous thunderstorm which moved into the area about noon. Before the storm, however, a few rockets did fly.

The launch of a scale V-2 provided some excitement. The motor "chuffed" for a while on the pad before the rocket took flight. The flight was slow with the rocket leaving a thick trail of smoke.

We turned a cautious eye towards the sky as dark clouds approached.

In spite of the weather, we continued to launch rockets.

Although things didn't always go as planned ....

Under darkening skies, we continued to launch.

Then, the rain started ...

After a few minutes, the rain stopped and we tried to get a few more rockets off the ground.

But, things didn't go quite as planned.

It got even darker as the storm approached.

So, with lightning on the horizon, we packed up everything and called it a day.

Additional photographs are in the NEFAR Photo Gallery.

[Posted: 2007-07-14 | Updated: 2007-07-14]

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