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NEFAR's January 2007 Launch

The Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry held its monthly launch on January 13, 2007. It was a cool, breezy day - a touch too breezy in some cases.

Bracha and I started the day by launching our Akavish on a G motor.

The Akavish arced into the wind and ended up on the ground before the ejection charge fired. It's a good thing the Spider bounces.

Then I launched my EZI-65 with it's "Upscale Cineroc" video camera payload. I had accidently left my 54mm to 29mm motor mount adapter at home in another rocket. So I picked up a 54mm to 38mm adapter and a 38mm motor from an onsite vendor.

Like the Akavish, the EZI-65 arced into the wind. The delay was a few seconds too long, but the 'chute did deploy a few hundred feet in the air. Unfortunately, the video camera must have been turned off when I put it in the rocket or during launch, so I didn't get a video of the flight.

We had some motorcyclists stop by to watch some flights.

One of the most impressive flights of the day was by Gary Dahlke. He launched his Quantum Leap rocket on an I285 Redline staged to an I161 White Lightning motor. The rocket flew to 3845 feet and landed less than 500 feet from the launch pad.

The next really impressive launch was of a large Nike Smoke.

The string of impressive flights continued with the launch of Steve Pollak's upscale Mars Lander.

My last flight of the day was to launch my Estes Shadow clone on a G motor.

More photographs from the launch are in the gallery at:


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