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NEFAR's First Launch of 2010

Flakes of snow settled on the windshield of our mini-van as we arrived at the NEFAR launch site.

A few hardy souls braved the early-morning cold.

Everyone bundled up against the freezing wind.

Frozen fingers made hooking up igniters a challenge.

One of the first launches was an unintentional three-way low-power drag race. Only the first two rockets were supposed to be launched.

Even at noon, the temperature was just 35 degrees.

Some people were prepared for the cold.

And the Boy Scouts made sure we didn't starve.

A Deuce's Wild made a great flight into the overcast skies.

Although not many, a few larger rockets were also flown.

Additional photos from the launch are in the PayloadBay Gallery at http://www.payloadbay.com/gallery/v/nefar-launches/2010-01-01/.

[Posted: 2010-01-10 | Updated: 2010-01-21]

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