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NEFAR's February 2007 Launch

The weather was beautiful - cool, calm, and (mostly) clear - for NEFAR's February launch.

Our new Akavish spider-like rocket made it's NEFAR debut.

We flew the new Akavish on a G54 motor.

I had made some changes to the rocket after it's last flight to try to make the rear-ejection more reliable and the fixes seemed to have worked.

My second launch of the day was the first launch of my "Upscale Omega." It's still unpainted and I flew it with a regular nose cone instead of the "Cineroc" payload.

I flew the Omega on an I200 motor. The flight was about as close to perfect as possible. I was very happy with the performance of the rocket.

Later Bracha flew her Skywriter on a C6-7.


Her little rocket went really high and I got my exercise walking across the field to recover it.

Other photos from the launch are in the NEFAR Rocket Launch (2007-02-10) gallery.

[Posted: 2007-02-10 | Updated: 2007-02-10]

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