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NEFAR's August 2007 Launch

"Hot, Hot, Hot" describes the weather for NEFAR's August, 2007, launch. We braved 90+ degrees to fly our rockets.

Bracha and I launched our Big Daddy Akavish on an I284 White Lightning motor.

The Akavish rose on a huge white flame.

Right at apogee, the Perfectflite altimeter deployed the parachute.

The Akavish came down slowly under the big Rocket Rage parachute.

It looked like the Akavish had nailed the landing as it ended up on its feet - for a second.

The Akavish ended up on it's side, but was undamaged. The altimeter was beeping "3-0-1" - 301 feet which is less than the altitude the rocket had reached with the smaller I154 motor.

The Omega is one of my favorite rockets, so it was fun to see Sean Roberts fly his clone Omega/Cineroc.

The Cineroc carries a video camera and transmitter.

Bill Baldwin rounded up some help getting his large rocket ready for launch.

The camouflaged rocket rushed away powered by a J motor.

Robb Haskins launched his Nike-Smoke on a J429 Redline motor.

Steve Pollak's upscale Orbital Transport turned in another great flight.

Bracha flew our Baby Akavish on an Ellis Mountain G20.

The rocket arced too much while under power, but the 'chute did eject in time.

Gorilla Motors was on-site and one of the most spectacular launches used one their K1000 Black Lightning sparky motors.

Bracha and I had to leave a little early, bit we stuck around to see Don Lorenzo's "Big Bird" launch.

Additional photographs from the August launch are in the NEFAR Launch Gallery.

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