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NEFAR's April 2008 Launch

Teams from local colleges competed during Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry's April, 2008, launch.

The students built and flew hybrid rockets in contests to reach a specific altitude and to reach the highest altitude on a hybrid G motor.

Most of the hybrid launches were successful.

But, some went astray ....

Marc Slabbinck launched his saucer a couple of time using a high-power motor.

Both flights were spectacular.

The saucer's second flight used a "sparky" motor.

I launched my new "Broken Arrow" on a J350 motor.

The rocket soared straight up in spite of a steady wind.

At apogee, about 1750' in the air, the drogue parachute deployed. The rocket fell quickly until it reached 700' where the altimeter deployed the main parachute. The rocket settled down slowly to earth.

Right after my flight, Robb Haskins launched his beautiful Talon 4.

Gary Dahlke's Quantum Leap IV turned in another amazing two-stage flight.

Chris Heffron and Carl Campbell both certified Level 1 at the launch.

Chris launched his stylish EZI-65 on an Aerotech H180.

Carl launched his scratch-built Delta IV on a CTI Pro38 H153.

Additional photographs from the launch are in the PayloadBay gallery at:


[Posted: 2008-04-17 | Updated: 2008-04-17]

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