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NEFAR's 2009 Bunnell Blast

Bracha and I attended the 2009 Bunnell Blast towing a U-Haul trailer full of rocket stuff.

We didn't bring the entire store, but we set up a display of many of the products we sell through JonRocket.com.

Astron Mike made the trip from Tampa and flew some of his large gliders.

In spite of the calm winds, he often had to recover his rockets from the far corners of the field.

As the sun began to set on Saturday, Bracha and I flew our Big Daddy Akavish on a K550 motor.

I don't have any photos of the flight because it was too dark for my camera. But, the flight went well in spite of one oddity. Before apogee, the Akavish's head popped open and, for a few seconds, the top of his head flew in perfect formation with the rest of the spider. I don't know if it was a case of drag separation or if the ejection charge went off early. In any case, the parachute opened right on cue and the Akavish drifted gently to earth.

The late afternoon provided an excellent backdrop for some spectacular sparky launches.

The Boy Scouts provided a spaghetti supper then we settled back to watch several rockets launched at night - including, of course, a few with sparky motors.

On Sunday, Bracha and I flew a rocket we made as a tribute to Paul Robinson of Animal Motor Works.

I built the rocket and Bracha decorated it with an AMW logo and a jungle theme.

We flew the Animal rocket on an AMW ProX G106 Skidmark. The flight up was good, but the ejection charge failed to deploy the parachute. The rocket slid backwards and was damaged a little upon landing, but it will be easy to fix.

Additional photographs from Bunnell Blast are in the PayloadBay Gallery at:


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