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NEFAR Featured on the Travel Channel

Sights and sounds of a NEFAR launch appear in an episode of the Travel Channel's series "Lawrence of America."

The episode, which first aired on June 17, 2008, follows Lawrence as he visits NASA on a "personal quest to prove his late father completely wrong about the U.S. Space Program." In addition to a behind-the-scenes visit to Kennedy Space Center, the episode features scenes recorded at the October, 2007, Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry launch.

Gary Dahlke and Robb Haskins are featured with their L and M-motor rockets. (Gary and Robb also receive "Special Thanks" credits at the end of the show.)

The first large rocket launched is Gary's L-powered rocket. A minute later, Gary is interviewed showing off a segment of a propellant core.

After Gary's rocket is again shown lifting off, Lawrence interviews Roger Smith about Roger and Bracha's "Akavish" rockets. Then the Big Daddy Akavish is shown in flight.

Dr. Sue makes a brief appearance ...

Then Robb Haskins earns a laugh with a Freudian reference. Then Lawrence joins Robb to prepare his scale Patriot for launch.

An onboard video is shown which is supposedly from Robb's flight, but actually is from one of Jimmy Yawn's flights.

Other rockets seen in the show include Scott Borders's Quest for Fire and Steve Pollak's Upscale Orbital Transport.

The segments about NASA are also entertaining with terrific new and archive footage of KSC and the shuttle. The "garage" Lawrence visits is actually the Orbital Processing Facility where Gary Dahlke works when he's not building his own rockets.

Additional photos from the October, 2007, NEFAR launch are in the gallery at:


[Posted: 2008-06-18 | Updated: 2008-06-19]

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