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Level 1 Certification

I successfully completed my Level 1 Certification last weekend (May 13, 2006) at the NEFAR launch.

Roger's EZI-65
Me and My EZI-65

I flew my LOC Precision EZI-65 on an Aerotech H128W motor.

EZI-65 on Launch Pad
My EZI-65 Sits on the Pad

I built this rocket strong and heavy on purpose. The EZI-65, when built following the kit's instructions, weighs about three pounds. My completed rocket weighs almost five pounds. The heavier rocket doesn't reach as high an altitude on an H motor which improved my chances of a successful level 1 attempt.

The steps I took to beef-up the rocket include fiberglassing of the body tubes, a stronger recovery system with zipper prevention and a larger parachute, conformal launch lugs, a configurable motor mount (29, 38, or 54mm), and positive motor rentention.

EZI-65 Launch

As predicted by RockSim, the 4.5 pound rocket reached a little over 600 feet in altitude. The 50" parachute deployed at apogee and the rocket was successfully recovered with no damage.

EZI-65 Recovery
Under 'Chute

The heavier rocket also lends itself to a future Level 2 attempt. I'd like to add dual deployment to it, however, before I try flying it on a J motor.

A video of my "Level 1" flight is in the Rocket Videos section of the PayloadBay Gallery.

Level 1 Flight Video

-- Roger

[Posted: 2006-05-17 | Updated: 2006-06-30]

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