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Estes Scout Service Center

The Estes Scout Service Center (411 S. Pueblo Boulevard, Pueblo, CO 81005) is the headquarters building for the Rocky Mountain Council of the Boy Scouts. The council oversees scouting activities in 19 counties in Southeast Colorado.

The Estes Scout Service Center building is the result of an endowment by Gleda Estes and Vernon Estes in the early 1970s. When Damon bought Estes Industries in 1969, Gleda and Vern received stock in payment. As Vern recalls, "The Damon purchase was a very good deal at the time of our agreement. However, our sale was for unregistered stock, stock that has a long holding period before it can be sold. When we inked the deal the stock was selling for about $35 per share. It kept going up in price and by the time we could sell stock (a small portion of our shares) the price had gone up to around $70. Gleda and I donated some of our available stock to build the Boy Scout Service Center in Pueblo, Colorado, and made a second donation to Central College (where we met) to renovate Science Hall."

The Estes Scout Service Center building is owned by the Rocky Mountain Council. In 1995 the land was deeded to the Council by the City of Pueblo.


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