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Adding Dual Deployment

RockSim predicts my EZI-65 will reach almost 2000 feet on an I200 motor. The simulator predicts that the rocket will drift 1600 feet down range. I don't want to walk that far to recover the rocket, so I'm adding dual deployment to it.

Using an altimeter, the rocket will deploy a small drogue parachute at apogee. When it falls to about 500 feet, a larger, main parachute will be deployed.

PerfectFlite Altimeter

October 11, 2007: This week, I finally got back to working on adding dual deployment to my EZI-65 rocket. I rebuilt the wooden sled for the altimeter and mounted a switch to the electronics bay so I won't poke around inside it to arm and disarm the electronics.

I drilled holes for shear pins in the body tube. I tested them by ground-testing and everything worked well. I used two small nylon screws as shear pins.

[Posted: 2006-10-04 | Updated: 2006-10-04]

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