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Rocketry Videos

View rocketry-related videos from PayloadBay.com and other web sites. Select a category below to see lists of the videos then click on the title to view the video.

PayloadBay.com presents a selection of rocketry-related videos featuring low-power rocket launches, mid-power rocket flights, and high-power rocketry. These include videos from NAR and Tripoli launches, NASA launches, and space flights.

Latest Videos

2009-03-21 Big Daddy Akavish at TTRA
Roger and Bracha Smith's Big Daddy Akavish flies on a J327 then on a K327 motor at the TTRA launch...
2009-03-21 AstronMike's Gliders at TTRA
A montage of Mike's glider flights at the TTRA "March Madness" launch in 2009. Includes high-speed...
Ejection Charge
This video shows what happens inside a rocket when the ejection charge fires. Captured at 1200...
Estes D12-3 at Real-Time then Slow-Motion
This video shows an Estes D12-3 motor being statically tested. First the test is shown at real-time...
2009-03-07 ROCK Launch
Video of the March, 2009, ROCK launch includes high-speed (slow-motion) video and onboard...
Estes A8-3 Static Firing at 240 FPS
Shot with a Casio EX-FL25 at 240 fps, this video shows an Estes A8-3 rocket motor in a static...
2010-04-03 - Delta IV Heavy Launches
Carl Campbell's Delta IV Heavy is launched twice at the April, 2010, ROCK launch. Watch the...
2009-03-21 Big Daddy Akavish at TTRA Launch
Video of Roger and Bracha Smith's Big Daddy Akavish from the March, 2009, TTRA launch.
Talon 4 Onboard Video
Video from onboard a Talon 4 rocket flying on on a Hypertek J330 at XPRS 08.
Odd'l Rockets PIPELINE Model Rocket
The PIPELINE is a unique rocket featuring canted tube fins. Play this video using your...

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