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Aerocon Systems Co.
Aerocon Systems Co. offers parachutes, rocket kits, hybrid rocket motors, test stands, altimeters, and other rocketry supplies. They also offer military surplus items including parachutes, LOX-Kerosene rocket motors, and nosecones.
▶ http://www.aeroconsystems.com/
Aerospace Speciality Products
ASP manufactures Scale, Sport Scale, Fun Scale and competition model rocket Kits. ASP also manufactures metallized polyester sport parachutes and "Hang Time" competition recovery devices.
▶ http://www.asp-rocketry.com/
Aerotech is the largest manufacturer of mid-power and high-power rocket motors. Aerotech also makes a number of mid-power rocket kits.
▶ http://www.aerotech-rocketry.com/
Art Applewhite Rockets
Art Applewhite offers a line of rocket kits featuring several saucer and pyramid-shaped rockets.
▶ http://www.artapplewhite.com/
BRS Hobbies
BRS Hobbies is an online vendor. BRS offers products from Aerospace Speciality Products, Aerotech, Custom, Dr. Zooch Rockets, DynaStar, Estes, FlisKits, LOC Precision, Model Minutes, Sunward and other companies. BRS accepts Credit Cards, PayPal and Money Orders.
▶ http://www.brshobbies.com/
Discount Rocketry
Discount Rocketry is an online rocketry vendor. Discount Rocketry sells rocket kits by a number of major manufactures as well as motors, parts, and supplies. Discount Rocketry accepts PayPal as well as credit cards for online purchases.
▶ http://www.discountrocketry.com/
Dr. Sue's Rocket Works
Susan DeBerg's rocketry site includes photographs of her rockets - including a number of crayon rockets.
▶ http://www.drsuesrocketworks.com/
Dr. Zooch Rockets
Dr. Zooch Rockets is a manufacturer of scale model rocketry kits. Dr. Zooch's kits include models of the Space Shuttle and the Mercury Redstone.
▶ http://www.klydemart.com/
Edmonds Aerospace
Edmonds Aerospace produces a line of boost gliders including the Deltie Thunder.
▶ http://members.aol.com/RobEdmonds/Edmonds.html
Estes Industries was founded by Vernon Estes and his wife Gleda Estes in Denver, Colorado, in 1958. Vern Estes designed and built the first machine for mass producing model rocket motors and began selling rocket kits by mail in 1960.
▶ http://www.estesrockets.com/
FlisKits, Inc. is a manufacturer of model rocket kits, parts and accessories.
▶ http://fliskits.com/
Giant Leap Rocketry
Giant Leap Rocketry offers mid- and high-power rocket kits, motors, and parts.
▶ http://www.giantleaprocketry.com/
How to Build Model Rockets
Chris Michielssen's site reads like a book describing all the steps in crafting a model rocket. Not just buiding one, but crafting a rocket with straight fins, perfect fillets, and a smooth paint job.
▶ http://www.howtobuildmodelrockets.20m.com/
JonRocket.com is an online model rocketry retailer which sells products from The Launch Pad, Semroc, Fliskits, USR, Starlight, and other companies. JonRocket accepts PayPal.

JonRocket.com is owned by Roger Smith and Bracha Smith.
▶ http://www.jonrocket.com/

LOC Precision
LOC/Precision manufactures and sells some of the most popular mid-power and high-power rocket kits as well as rocket parts and other rocketry products.
▶ http://www.locprecision.com/
MJG Technologies Inc.
MJG Technologies Inc. is a supplier of electric matches. Their J-Tek Match is used as an igniter and to fire ejection charges.
▶ http://www.electricmatch.com/
Model Rocket Parts
Information about model rocket parts including body tubes and nosecones.
▶ http://modelrocketparts.com/
National Association of Rocketry
The NAR is the oldest and largest sport rocketry organization in the world.
▶ http://www.nar.org/
Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry
The Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry (NEFAR) is a National Association of Rocketry Section (#563) and a Tripoli Rocketry Association Prefect (#35).

NEFAR sponsors monthly low-power, mid-power, and high-power sport rocket launches at the Clegg Sod Farm which is located off of County Road 305 in Bunnell, Florida.
▶ http://www.nefar.net/

QModeling offers a line of "BORN AGAIN ROCKETS FOR BORN AGAIN ROCKETEERS" - a series of upscale replicas of out-of-production Estes kits including the Mars Snooper and Starship Vega.
▶ http://www.qmodeling.com/
Randy Milliken's Personal Rocketry Site
Randy Milliken's site is still a work-in-progress, but includes a photo gallery.
▶ http://www.myrocketstuff.com/
Recrystallized Rocketry
Jimmy Yawn's rocketry site includes extensive information on home made "sugar" motors as well as details of his other rocketry projects. It also contains a large number of photographs and videos of NEFAR rocket launches.
▶ http://www.jamesyawn.com/
RocketMaterials.org is an informative site with "extensive, real data for everything having to do with high power hobby rocketry." The site presents data from scientific testing of rocket parts, adhesives, and materials.
▶ http://www.rocketmaterials.org/
Rocketry of Orlando's Community Kids
R.O.C.K. is an Orlando, Florida, model rocketry club. It is a National Association of Rocketry (NAR) section. ROCK launches are held on the first Saturday of each month at the Barr Street entrance of the Little-Big-Econ State Forest.
▶ http://www.r-o-c-k.org/
Rocketry Store
PayloadBay.com's Rocketry Store makes it easy to find and compare rocketry items from dozens of online retailers.
▶ http://store.payloadbay.com/
Rocketry Today
Marc Slabbinck's site features rocket plans and reviews of kits.
▶ http://www.rocketrytoday.com/
Send It to Space
Send It To Space is an affiliated sales agent for UP Aerospace Inc. Through them you can have your personal items (such as business cards) fly into space on an UP Aerospace Spaceloft XL Rocket.
▶ http://www.sendittospace.com/
Tripoli Rocketry Association
The TRA is a non-profit sport rocketry organization with members from the United States and 22 other countries.
▶ http://www.tripoli.org/
Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack
Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack is an online rocketry vendor selling products by Dr. Zooch, Semroc, Edmonds Aerospace, Fliskits, Quest and others. Uncle Mikes also supplies parachutes, kevlar, adhesives, and other rocketry supplies.
▶ http://www.unclemikesrocketshack.com/

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