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  • Time Magazine published an article about "model rockets" being flown in Germany on December 14, 1931.
  • The Model Missiles, Inc. Aerobee-Hi Model Rocket Kit (001-A) was first produced for sale to the public on April 15, 1958. The kit included an Aerobee-Hi model rocket, a 36" long, 1/8" diameter launch rod, a blast deflector and six "Type A" Rock-A-Chute model rocket motors.
  • An article about Menford L. Sutton's Super-Son model rocket appeared in an issue of Bell Helicopter News on April 18, 1958.
  • CIAM chose Vrsac, Yugoslavia, as the site for the first World Championships in Model Rocketry to be held in 1970 on November 23, 1968.
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  • Estes's "Mabel" Produces Its First Motor (January 16, 1959)
    Vern Estes's "Mabel," the first automated model rocket motor making machine, produced it's first production motor on January 16, 1959. During the first production run, the machine produced 500 motors to which were sold to Model Missiles, Inc. for seven cents each.
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