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  • Carlisle's Rock-A-Chute Letter Received by Stine (January 28, 1957)
    G. Harry Stine received a letter from Orville H. Carlisle describing Carlisle's Rock-A-Chute on January 28, 1957.
  • Model Missile Association is Formed (November 5, 1957)
    The Model Missile Association was incorporated on November 5, 1957 with Orville H. Carlisle, G. Harry Stine, and Barbara K. Stine as the "founding trustees."
  • First NAR Section Formed (September 18, 1958)
    The first NAR section was formed on September 18, 1958. The "Mile-High" section was formed by G. Harry Stine and his "NAR Boys" in Denver, Colorado.
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